Calkain Real Estate Scholarship

In 2018, Calkain introduced a $1,000 USD scholarship to encourage a career path in commercial real estate. Each year, the scholarship will be awarded to one full-time undergraduate or graduate student majoring in real estate or a related field. Selection is based on academic excellence and understanding of the field; preference is given to students with an interest in a career path working within the single tenant net lease market. The award must be used within 12 months after it is granted. Payment will be made directly to the applicant’s college or university.

Applicant Eligibility:
Must be a United States citizen
Must be majoring/concentrating in Real Estate or related field of study
Must be a sophomore or above (undergraduate applicants) or Masters/Doctoral candidate
Must be a full-time student at a US accredited college or university
Must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
Application Requirements:
Completed application form
Personal statement (no more that 250 words) discussing career aspirations, involvement in real estate field, and/or any qualifications considered relevant by the applicant
Short essay (400-500 words) discussing the current state of the net lease market and/or the commercial real estate market as a whole
Copy of applicant’s resume
One letter of recommendation attesting to applicant’s work ethic, character and pursuit of career in real estate field, sent by recommender directly to
The scholarship will be awarded November 30, 2018.

All paperwork should be submitted online or by mail to:
12930 Worldgate Drive, Suite 150
Herndon, VA 20170

Application Form
Applications for the Calkain Real Estate Scholarship are due by October 31, 2018 and the recipient will be announced on November 30, 2018.

They may be submitted by completing the form below along with the following documents:

A personal statement (no more than 250 words)
A short essay (400-500 words) on the current state of the net lease market or the commercial real estate market
Official copy of college transcript
One letter of recommendation

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