MSW Graduate Field Assistant Application

The Department of Social Work has received funding for the 2019-2020 school year, part of which we would like to make available to students who are interested in acting as graduate assistants (GA) to the coordinator of field education for the academic year. This position is being split into two assistantships. Responsibilities include researching internship policies within the university and in other social work programs and the revision of field applications and evaluations. Students will be expected to have a 5 hour per week consistent Monday through Friday 9 -5 block of time availability.

*Students who are full time employees of DePaul University are not eligible.

MSW students who will be in their advanced internship for the 2019-2020 academic year may apply for the field assistantships. Those chosen to GA will receive both a small monetary stipend and a tuition waiver in the amount of one, 4-hour graduate course per quarter for each quarter they GA. Selection will be based on a combination of interest, financial need, and skill set. Skills that will be considered include oral and written communication skills and ability to work effectively with faculty and staff. Students must be enrolled in at least 4 credit hours each quarter. This GA position is only open to students with financial need for next year exceeding $5000.

*GAs eligible for the Double Demon discount or other DePaul tuition reimbursement would only be able to use the GA tuition reimbursement for the quarters that they are a GA and could not use this in concurrence with other DePaul tuition benefits.

LA&S - MSW Graduate Assistantship
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload your current resume.
  2. During the 2019-20 academic year will you be in your advanced year MSW field internship?
  3. Please upload a cover letter that describes your oral and written communication skills, your capacity to work both independently and within a structured environment, details your background, and explains why you feel you are the right fit for the scholarship.
  4. Please provide the name and email address of a work reference.