Wilke Family Endowed Scholarship in the College of Communication

The Wilke Family Endowed Scholarship recognizes an outstanding Journalism or Intercultural Communication student in the College of Communication who is currently in good standing and has financial need as determined by a filed FAFSA. Additional criteria considered may include female students, a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or above and/or at least junior standing.

Supplemental Questions
  1. This scholarship requires that you are either a Journalism or Intercultural Communication major. Based on your major, please answer one of the following questions. Journalism: What are the unique challenges facing the field of Journalism and how do you plan to address them? Intercultural Communication: In society, what are the critical areas where effective intercultural communication skills can have the greatest impact and how do you plan to contribute to those areas?
  2. List your extra-curricular activities. Include a brief description of the organization, your role and any leadership position held.
  3. Please list any awards, honors or recognition received.
  4. What does the DePaul mission mean to you? In what ways to you embody this mission?
  5. What are your goals and aspirations after graduation?