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University travel remains restricted by COVID-19 mitigation measures. GRF funds therefore will not be granted for support of student travel. However, reimbursement is available to offset the cost of virtual conference registration where one is presenting original research or creative work. (The GRF does not provide funding for professional development or networking purposes.) During this period, the GRF may also offset fees necessary to access site-specific, digital archives or materials that do not involve travel and otherwise conform to GRF guidelines. Graduate students with questions about their eligibility or application for GRF support during COVID-19 restrictions are encouraged to contact Erica Godfrey in the LAS dean’s office.

The Graduate Research Funding (GRF) supports DePaul Graduate students in their pursuit of research and scholarship. The program allows Graduate students to receive funding for planning, implementation, and dissemination of research and scholarship at locations beyond DePaul. Providing financial assistance for conducting and presenting research at professional and academic conferences enhances the learning experiences of our students. This funding contributes to the students’ overall academic experience, and more effectively meets the needs of graduate level training.

Students, please note that your faculty member will be asked the following: certification of budget, name/title of presentation or current work for purposes of this travel, and to provide a paragraph(s) on why they do/do not support this travel for your academic endeavors. Upon entering their email into the system, _immediately_email them with your budget and any other information they need in order to answer these questions. It is your responsibility to properly convey this information.

Students may apply for funding to attend an academic conference before submitting to or being accepted by a particular conference. This pre-approval process allows a student to determine if a given trip would be feasible with or without GRF Funding. Please note that payment/reimbursement will not occur until the expenses take place (see guidelines).

*Supported Activities *
This program is intended to provide Graduate students with financial support to travel outside the city of Chicago to

  • Engage in short-term, place-specific data collection, archival work, and/or creative activities
  • Present original research/scholarship at regional, national, or international academic conferences

Criteria for Approval
The Executive Associate Dean in LAS will approve applications. Criteria include:

1. A clear narrative in the application setting out the importance and value of a student’s proposed conference or research-based travel to the applicant’s professional development and graduate-level learning.
2. Verified acceptance to present at an academic conference or the confirmation of a faculty member and Graduate Director of the scholarly value and necessity of a place-based research trip.
3. A clear and complete budget form and budget narrative in the format specified (see FAQs for more information). If a budget and budget narrative are not submitted, the application will be denied.
4. Equitable distribution of available funding, to include special consideration of first-time applicants.

All applicants are required to review the award information found on the website including the FAQs. The policies and procedures surrounding this award are contained there and students are responsible for that information prior to applying. Please ensure your application is robust as you will not be allowed to provide a rewrite or further information.*

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you previously applied for and received a GRF grant?
  2. Term of previous GRF Award.
  3. Have you received partial financial support for this specific project request from sources internal or external to the university? Please note, if you received full funding for this endeavor, you may not apply for the GRF.
  4. Current Project Title. (answer may not exceed 200 words)
  5. Is this an academic conference in which you are presenting?
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