Peace, Justice & Conflict Studies PJC Leadership Scholarship

To be considered for a PJC scholarship, a student must be enrolled as an undergraduate major or double major in the Peace, Justice & Conflict Studies Program at DePaul University. Scholarship award criteria include academic record in good standing, scholarship application responses, and a reference from a PCJ instructor or affiliated faculty. Although the scholarships are open to all PJC majors, students of color, first-generation students, and juniors or seniors are strongly encouraged to apply.

Multiple awards up to $2000.00 will be given to Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies majors who demonstrate a commitment to service and/or leadership, and possess a cumulative GPA of 2.0. The PJC Leadership Scholarship was created to provide scholarship support to students who want to give back or have given back to their DePaul or neighborhood community. This onetime, non-renewable scholarship will be awarded to students who display the commitment to service and/or leadership that reflects the objectives of the PJC program and Vincentian mission.

Please direct all questions regarding this scholarship to: Prof. Susana Martinez, PJC Director,

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please give specific examples of your service experiences and/or advocacy/activism work at DePaul or within the community where you live. What was the length of your involvement i.e. number of quarters and/or years. What has been most meaningful about this work?
  2. Please explain how will you, as a PJC major, work towards promoting social justice through service and/or leadership. Be sure to include an explanation of how you can empower other young change agents to tap into their leadership potential.
  3. Please include the name and email of a Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies faculty member that may be able to provide a short verbal recommendation of your work in or out of class. This can be a current or past instructor.
  4. Please upload your most current unofficial DePaul University transcript.