History Department Internship Awards

This scholarship awards financial assistance to eligible students engaged in internships throughout Summer 2022. There are 4 scholarships at $2500 each. Priority is given to students seeking support for an unpaid internship, but students with paid internships are welcome to apply. All awards are issued as scholarships to the student’s tuition account and are treated as financial aid. If a student has a deficit on their tuition bill from the current academic year, or summer 2022, this award will clear that deficit first. However, any disbursement or refund issue to the student because of this award, may be used to support for other needs such as travel, food, rent and educational or living expenses. Please speak with Student Accounts to confirm what impact this will have on your tuition account and how money will be disbursed if there are no current tuition charges.

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please describe your internship details including the description of what you will be doing
  2. Name of the organization and location of your internship.
  3. Is your internship unpaid?
  4. Please describe the status of your internship very briefly. Are you in the process of applying? Have you already been accepted or committed to participate?
  5. Please explain how this internship relates to your educational and career goals.
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