The William E. Hay Leadership Accelerator Scholarship

The William E. Hay Leadership Accelerator is a comprehensive, co-curricular leadership development experience open to DePaul juniors and seniors of all majors. The program is designed to develop personal effectiveness, essential leadership skills, and overall career readiness. Individual development is delivered through an engaging blend of in-person workshops, guided self-reflections, and experiential exercises and applications. The program is cohort-based and unfolds over the course of an academic year, allowing for long-lasting friendships and professional networking. Hay Leadership Scholars gain valuable workplace competencies, enhance their workplace professionalism, and learn and practice effective and ethical leadership.

Training Methods
The William E. Hay Leadership Accelerator uses multiple instructional approaches to enhance learning and skill-based application. The program relies on six general instructional techniques:

  • Live Sessions – there are 6 formal lecture-based sessions, each focusing on topic(s) and including a guest executive speaker
  • Individual Assessments – multiple self-assessments and objective skill-based assessments will be used to promote accurate self-awareness of professional development strengths and needs”
  • Reflection Assignments – there are 4 reflection assignments, including an individual development plan, a “leadership manifesto,” and a formal video presentation of a leadership experience (i.e., “field study”)
  • Company Visits – there are 2 planned visits to Chicago-based organizations
  • Field Study – this experience involves identifying and taking on a leadership role (e.g., work, school, clubs, etc.)
  • Passport Activities – this entails completing at least 5 career readiness activities provided through the university career center


  • 3.0 minimum GPA (any Major)
  • Junior and Senior standing for 2023-2024 Academic Year

William E. Hay Center for Leadership Development
Supplemental Questions
  1. What are your career goals upon graduation and how do you think the Hay Leadership Accelerator will help you achieve those goals?
  2. We’ve all been part of group, whether it’s in school, work, or another organization (ie. sports, clubs). Tell us about a time where you observed an effective leader. What made them an effective leader?