May Experiential Learning- Internship Scholarship

The Cathy May Student Scholarship was established to support DePaul University undergraduate Political Science students. The funds that support this student scholarship were set up in memory of our esteemed colleague and friend, Cathy May, who studied in the Department of Political Science as an undergraduate in the early 1980s and later returned as a faculty member and taught in the Department for over 20 years.

Cathy embodied all that is best with DePaul. A dedicated professor, she was widely known as one of the most enthusiastic, thoughtful, and caring educators on campus. Her approachability and authenticity consistently made her one of our highest rated faculty members. When Cathy turned 50, she gathered donations to create a fund to help students. This fund provided money for internship stipends, study abroad fees, and basic expenses such as rent or books. It was this example that prompted her colleagues to set up two scholarship funds (the Cathy R. May Endowed Fund and the Cathy R. May Experiential Fund) to carry on Cathy’s work.

All proceeds from these funds will go to political science students with financial need. Priority is given to students seeking financial support for an unpaid internship or a Study Abroad program. Financial support for other needs – including books, travel, fees, independent study projects or other education related expenses – will also be given consideration.

All awards are issued as scholarships to the student’s tuition account and are treated as financial aid. Please speak with Student Accounts to confirm what impact this will have on your tuition account and how money will be disbursed if there are no current tuition charges.

For those applying for internship support or Study Abroad/Away, funding will be contingent upon being accepted into the program or getting an internship. Students can combine an award from the Cathy May fund with other scholarships, but preference will be given to those who are not receiving funds from another source and who demonstrate the greatest financial need.

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. For the questions below, write in clear, concise prose. Your response should be well-organized and free of error. Be concrete. Go beyond general statements such as “I am completing this internship order to learn more about my field of study.” Explain in detail what you expect to do and learn as well as how this learning fits in your overall trajectory. Describe the pertinent details of your proposed internship and project. Do not assume that the selection committee is familiar with your area of study, internship site or project work. It is important that you explain how the specific project(s) of your internship is relevant to your past experiences and future goals. Tell us what comes next. Briefly explain how you intend to build on the knowledge and experience that you will gain. Applications are competitive and the expectation is that answers are robust. Please initial below to show that you read this and understand.
  2. Name of the internship for which you are seeking support? Please include the name of the host organization.
  3. Please describe the status of your application very briefly. Are you in the process of applying for an internship? Have you already secured an internship?
  4. When will your internship begin and end?
  5. Contact information for internship? Please provide information for an internship supervisor or some other person associated with the organization with whom a department representative can get in touch to verify status. If you are in the process of applying, no one will reach out until confirmation of acceptance.
  6. How will the internship build on your previous experiences inside and outside the classroom? Please provide a concrete, detailed response.
  7. How will this experience help you achieve your future academic and professional goals? Please provide a concrete, detailed response.
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