Graduate Assistant Application - Health Assessment Lab

Position Description
Health Assessment Lab / Student Support GA
General Summary: The Graduate Assistant (GA) will support courses with skills/assessment labs. The GA will also facilitate the peer mentorship program and aid with informational sessions regarding the School of Nursing. He/she will also serve as a liaison for students, lab instructors, and course coordinators.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:
1. For each quarter, obtain copy of syllabus or list of assessments/skills that students will practice in relevant courses
2. Communicate with course instructor(s) at the beginning of the quarter about specific course needs
3. Provide course instructor(s) with quarterly schedule of availability to assist with labs
4. Assist with skills review, skills, and assessment labs
5. Prepare, set up, and clean up skills/assessment labs; successful completion of this task will require communication with both the course lead and the Coordinator of Simulation Labs.
6. Communicate with course instructor(s) immediately regarding any issues or concerns with completing GA hours
7. Report GA hours to appropriate personnel
8. Communicate with course instructor to determine course needs
9. Host open lab skills review sessions throughout the quarter
10. Provide oversight of the peer mentoring program.
11. Aid in identifying future peer mentors.
12. Ensure student resource manual is up to date.

Position Requirements/Expectations:
1. Successful completion of NSG 332 in order to assist with NSG 332 lab, and successful completion of both NSG 332 and NSG 460 in order to assist with NSG 460 lab.
2. Demonstrated ability to interact effectively with students and faculty.
3. Ability to provide mentorship.
4. Works well in an autonomous and independent environment
5. Be able to work the scheduled number of hours per week each quarter

Supplemental Questions
  1. Which campus do you attend?
  2. What is the last quarter in which you expect to be enrolled prior to graduating (e.g. Summer 2018)?
  3. Are you available to work 8 hours per week, 11 weeks per quarter, consistently?
  4. Please describe your reasons for wanting to serve as a Graduate Assistant in the specific position applied for. (250 Words)
  5. Please provide the name and email address of a faculty reference.
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