Women and Gender Studies Community Engagement Scholarship

The Community Engagement Scholarship is awarded to part-time or full-time undergraduate or graduate students in the Department of Women and Gender Studies to support a 10 hour/week department-sponsored internship with a non-profit organization whose work is supported by The Julian Grace Foundation. There are multiple scholarships available.

For undergraduate students, the scholarship award is $3690.00 for a 6 credit-hour internship.
For graduate students, the scholarship award is $2740.00 for a 4 credit-hour internship.

Students must be in good standing (i.e., not on academic probation) and enrolled as part-time or full-time in the Spring or Summer Sessions Quarters 2017-18. The student need not be enrolled in the credit-bearing class associated with department internships, but must adhere to the requirements of the department in regards to this process.

Prior to submitting an application, the student should speak to the faculty contact for this scholarship in their department (listed below), to ensure they fully understand their obligations under the internship.

Scholarship Disbursement Schedule and Financial Guidelines
All funds will be disbursed through the financial aid system as a tuition scholarship at the beginning of the term. (If the student receives external scholarship funding, for which there are parameters in accepting other awards, please check with student accounts and the faculty in charge of this program prior to accepting the award.)

The schedule of scholarship disbursement will vary, according to the following circumstances:

  • Students opting to receive the scholarship in the Spring Quarter may complete their internships in either Spring or Summer Session 2017-18, as approved by their department.
  • Students opting to receive the scholarship in the Summer Session must be engaged in the internship and enrolled in credit-bearing classes during the summer.
  • Students planning to graduate in June 2018 are only eligible to receive the scholarship in Spring Quarter 2017-18.

If the student fails to complete the internship in a satisfactory manner as outlined by the department, the award will be rescinded and the student will owe the university that amount. For this reason, students must be certain they understand the requirements of the internship prior to accepting the scholarship.

The faculty contact for this scholarship is Beth Catlett (773.325.4758 or bcattlett@depaul.edu). You may also contact Associate Dean Margaret Storey (mstorey@depaul.edu or 773.325.7482) with any questions or concerns.

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please upload a short personal statement describing why you would like to be a part of this internship program and what benefit it has to your educational and professional endeavors. The statement should be no longer than 1 page double-spaced.
  2. Submit your current resume.
  3. Are you a graduate assistant? Please note that your answer does not impact selection. It assists us in applying the award should you be selected.
  4. Please provide the name of your faculty sponsor (this will most likely be the contact for this scholarship listed within the description) and the name of the organization with which you would like to partner.
  5. Please provide a short description of the term in which you intend to do your internship (Spring 2018/Summer 2018) and whether or not you will register for a specific internship credit-bearing class. Again, this information will not impact selection. If selected, it assists in applying funding to the correct term. If this information needs to change after selection, that is allowed with consultation from your faculty sponsor.