Graduate Assistant Application - Community-based Service Learning

Community-based Service Learning GA
General Summary: The Community Engagement Graduate Assistant supports all aspects of community engagement at the School of Nursing. Primarily, community engagement includes community-based service learning (CbSL). The Graduate Assistant is responsible for the logistics of the CbSL curriculum with a special emphasis on CbSL hour surveillance and reporting. Moreover, the Graduate Assistant works in conjunction with the Community Engagement Coordinator to fulfill program projects. In particular, the Graduate Assistant assists in quality improvement of the community engagement program. The aim of this assignment is to support and maintain relationships with community partners, students, faculty, and the University.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Community
a. In collaboration with the School of Nursing, maintain current community site relationships and engage in community-based service learning projects
b. Act as liaison between community site and Community Engagement Coordinator, when necessary, to resolve issues
2. Student
a. Collect CbSL hours logs from faculty and update Hours Tracking database with student hours during the specified weeks
b. Monitor student CbSL hours each quarter and generate reports for Community Engagement Coordinator to evaluate progress
c. Communicate with Coordinator of Community Engagement regarding any missing hour logs and zero/low hours report.
d. Mentor and support first-year nursing students at community sites
e. Update CbSL databases in W drive with student information (e.g. student name, community site, location, student project, additional notes)
f. Write newsletter articles about exceptional CbSL projects developed by students to showcase accomplishments and market program
g. Staff the quarterly Community Partner Fair; duties will include preparing placards and nametags for community organizations, as well as other duties assigned by event lead.
h. Act as a liaison between student and Community Engagement Coordinator, when necessary, to resolve issues
3. Faculty
a. At the beginning of each quarter, submit to each CbSL instructor a spreadsheet detailing the placements of their students.
b. Remind faculty to collect CbSL Hours Log from students the Friday before the week they are due.
c. Distribute CbSL End of Quarter Surveys to faculty to be completed by students in select courses.
d. Fulfill program projects as directed by Community Engagement Coordinator
e. Act as liaison between faculty and Community Engagement Coordinator, when necessary, to resolve issues.
4. School
a. Assist Community Engagement Coordinator with Community Partner Fair at MENP orientations
b. Speak to Steans Center and classes with CbSL curriculum about service learning experience, if applicable

Position Requirements/Expectations:
1. Some experience working with community-based organizations and/or non-governmental organizations
2. Excellent Microsoft Word and Excel skills
3. Excellent organizational skills
4. Works well in an autonomous and independent environment
5. Be able to work 8 hours per week each quarter

Supplemental Questions
  1. What is the last quarter in which you expect to be enrolled prior to graduating (e.g. Summer 2018)?
  2. Are you available to work 8 hours per week, 11 weeks per quarter, consistently?
  3. Please describe your reasons for wanting to serve as a Graduate Assistant in the specific position applied for. (250 Words)
  4. Submit your current resume.
  5. Please upload your latest Unofficial DePaul University Transcript for coursework verification. You can find your unofficial transcript through: Campus Connect ---> Academic Records --->View Unofficial Transcript.
  6. Please provide the name and email address of a faculty reference.
  7. Please provide the name and email address of a peer reference.
  8. Which campus do you attend?
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