RunRepeat Athletic Leadership Scholarship

We are proud to announce the RunRepeat Athletic Leadership Scholarship. This scholarship will be awarded once a year to the college or university student who best demonstrates how sport and leadership are connected and lead to living a healthier, more balanced life.

We at RunRepeat want to celebrate and encourage the drive it takes to set goals, overcome hurdles and ultimately find success by rewarding active students through this scholarship opportunity.

RunRepeat believes in fostering the well being of our future generations by encouraging exercise, healthy living, education, and growth through overcoming the difficult challenges that sport enables. Through physical challenge, determination and work ethic, leadership is born.

If you’re a current full-time student at an accredited college or university, or a high school senior with a valid acceptance letter to an accredited college or university please apply.

Thanks and good luck!

RunRepeat believes that the dedication sport demands and the challenges that sport provides are great precursors in the creation of young leaders. We believe that the same drive and motivation that it takes to accomplish amazing feats in sport are the ones needed for future generations to find success.
We want to foster the belief that sport is a powerful force in young people’s lives and reward those who have found meaning and motivation because of the physical and mental challenges they’ve taken on in their lives.

Eligibility requirements:
Must be an enrolled student, or a high school senior with a valid acceptance letter, at an accredited college or university.
Applicant’s institution must be accredited or recognized by the applicant’s country as a legitimate college or university.
Valid proof of college or university enrollment will be required for all winning submissions. (Examples of valid forms of proof of enrollment are outlined below in the “Guidelines” section)
Applicants can only submit one application per scholarship cycle. Additional applications will be discarded.
An applicant is ineligible if they have previously been awarded a RunRepeat scholarship.
Applicant does not need to be a collegiate athlete. This scholarship is open to any student whose life has been influenced by sport, exercise or physical activity.

The application is free of charge and open to any eligible students from any country.
The scholarship will be awarded on an annual basis and will be disbursed in a one-time payment.
The winner will be subject to a thorough identity and enrollment verification process before an award is granted.
All funds will be directly transferred (by ACH bank transfer, check, or other specified means depending on university requirements) to the financial aid office of the applicant’s college or university and appropriated to the winner’s account with the stated institution. No funds will be directly sent to the winner.
Proof of enrollment will be verified through a current college or university class schedule or current college or university bill. Proof of enrollment must include applicant’s full name, address and date. A copy of a current college or university photo I.D. will also be required.
Winners will be selected by a panel of sport and outdoor enthusiasts, fitness experts, and health researchers. All decisions will be final and not subject to appeal or contest.
The scholarship recipient will be notified through the email given in their application on or before December 15th of the current year. The recipient will have fifteen days (15) days to respond with the necessary information to receive funds or the scholarship may be subject to forfeiture.
Applicants’ essays will be judged on creativity, thoughtfulness, and insight. Winning applicants are expected to adhere to the guidelines laid out on the application form specifically with regards to the stated instructions of the essay section.
Grammar and spelling are taken into consideration while evaluating all submissions.
All essays must be submitted in English.
Plagiarism is unacceptable and any submissions caught plagiarising will be immediately disqualified. Your submitted essay will be scanned by plagiarism software and double-checked by our evaluators.

Each annual scholarship awarded is two thousand dollars ($2,000 USD).

The application deadline is November 30th of the current year. Any application submitted after 11:59 pm MST, November 30th, will not be considered for the current year’s scholarship opportunity and will be considered an application for the following year’s scholarship.

Renewal Process:
This scholarship is not renewable. Previous scholarship recipients cannot win a second time.

How to Apply:
Fill out the submission form below. Please provide accurate personal information or you may be ineligible to win the RunRepeat Scholarship.

Please pick one of the four options below and write an original essay (2000-2500 words in length) to answer the posed question(s). Some options have multiple parts, be sure to fully address each aspect. *
1: How have the challenges you’ve faced in sport deepened your understanding of the importance of setting goals, and the work ethic and determination it takes to reach them? How would you connect what you’ve learned from sport to your everyday life, and the success you hope for in the future? How do you think educators and parents today can help encourage or motivate youth to continue to have meaningful experiences derived from participating in sport?
2: How do you value and balance time spent exercising or being health conscious compared to other priorities that demand your attention? What do you see as the long-term benefits to yourself in keeping an active and healthy lifestyle? How important to society and the future of your community is promoting an active lifestyle for all? If you were tasked with the audacious goal of getting 80% of your community to be more health conscious what would you do to affect change at that massive of a scale. Select one or more current public health initiatives and analyze whether or not you think they are effective, and what could be done to change or enhance these programs to have a greater impact in the future.
3: Explain one land-access issue or environmental concern that you see today as a limiting factor to public land recreational use. Propose a solution that ensures future generations have access to public lands for sport and why it’s important to preserve the right of access. Make sure to address key factors, such as how it would be funded, sustained, and maintained.
4: How has your participation in team sports influenced your outlook on life, challenges, leadership and your definition of success? What’s the most important lesson that participating in team sports has taught you? Drawing on these experiences, propose and outline a curriculum or program which focuses on helping young, at-risk students develop better personal leadership, self-confidence, and resilience. Discuss who would be targeted, plans for implementation and funding, as well as any other factors that would be key for ensuring your program’s success.
Please upload your essay response (.pdf only)

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