The Darleen J. and Robert L. Walker Scholarship for Law Students

The Darleen J. and Robert L. Walker Scholarship Fund makes awards to new and continuing students attending law schools in Illinois, Milwaukee, or St. Louis. Scholarships are open to all, and applicants from Masonic families, former residents of the Masonic Children’s Home in LaGrange, Illinois, or are Masons themselves are especially encouraged to apply.

We are now accepting applications for the 2020–2021 Walker Scholarship. The deadline for applying is June 13, 2020. To supplement the online application, we ask that students submit a Student Aid Report as well, so that we may be able to evaluate their financial need. These documents may be e-mailed to: walker_apply [at] or sent in by mail or fax.

To qualify for a scholarship award, applicants must be current students in good standing or incoming students at a law school in the state of Illinois or within the metropolitan areas of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, or St. Louis, Missouri. Candidates will be considered if they submit a completed application along with adequate documentation of their financial situation and degree of monetary assistance needed.

Following the terms establishing the scholarship, as set forth in Mr. Walker’s will, preference is given to members of Masonic Lodge No. 1098 in Lombard, Illinois, their sons and daughters, former residents of the Masonic Children’s Home in La Grange, Illinois, and students who are Masons or who come from Masonic families.

Scholarships may be renewed each year until graduation, provided the scholar verifies a continued need for financial aid, good standing as a law student, and acceptable academic performance.

Selection Process
The Darleen J. and Robert L. Walker Scholarship Fund is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation established pursuant to the Last Will and Testament of Robert L. Walker. The current directors of the corporation are Ms. Teri Sinon and attorneys James Reichardt and Nicolas Nelson.

For the 2020–2021 school year, the scholarship committee will meet and review all completed applications received by June 13, 2020. Scholarship winners will be notified no later than August 14.

To apply
Please submit the following information:
One academic reference
One Character reference
A 200 word minimum essay describing why you want to study law

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