Graduate Assistant Application - Peer Tutoring

Position Description
Peer Tutoring GA
General Summary: The Graduate Assistant (GA) will provide individual and small group tutoring sessions in order to aid understanding and mastery of study skills and course content. He/she will be expected to refer students to other university resources as necessary.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Obtain current procedure related to medication safety examination.
2. Review basic mathematical operations and calculations with students.
3. Provide information regarding study skills and techniques.
4. Communicate with the Associate Director at beginning of each academic quarter to determine specific needs.
5. Review with Associate Director the procedure for student referral to other support services.
6. Report GA hours to appropriate personnel
7. Host open peer tutoring sessions through the peer tutoring laboratory.

Position Requirements/Expectations:
1. Successful completion of peer tutoring hours.
2. Ability to communicate effectively with other students and faculty.
3. Awareness of study skills and means of providing student support.
4. Experience with standard mathematical procedures.
5. Previous teaching or tutoring experience.
6. Be able to work the scheduled number of hours per week each quarter.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Which campus do you attend?
  2. What is the last quarter in which you expect to be enrolled prior to graduating (e.g. Summer 2018)?
  3. Are you available to work 8 hours per week, 11 weeks per quarter, consistently?
  4. Please describe your reasons for wanting to serve as a Graduate Assistant in the specific position applied for. (250 Words)
  5. Please provide the name and email address of a faculty reference.
  6. Please provide the name and email address of a peer reference.
  7. Submit your current resume.
  8. Please upload your latest Unofficial DePaul University Transcript for coursework verification. You can find your unofficial transcript through: Campus Connect ---> Academic Records --->View Unofficial Transcript.
  9. Do you have previous experience in tutoring or teaching?
  10. Please briefly describe any previous experience in tutoring and teaching.
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