Smr-Graduate LAS Community - and Project-Based Learning (CPBL) Internship Scholarship

There will be two rounds of scholarship applications open for Summer 2020. The first will close on April 26th and the second will close on May 25th. Second round scholarship awards will be contingent on continuing availability of funds after first round awards have been made.

The Community and Project Based Learning internship scholarship is awarded to part-time or full-time graduate (masters) students in in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. There are multiple scholarships per quarter. Students must be a master’s student in LAS. Summer scholarships may be applied in a variety of ways and commitment of funds will be determined upon communication with awardees. During the summer, this scholarship is not required to be credit-based. Students may opt to receive a stipend (a refund) or apply the funds fully, or partially, to credit-bearing class.

This scholarship is intended to support a 10 week, 10 hour/week department-sponsored internship with a domestic or international non-profit, non-governmental organization, or government entity. The internship must be project(s)-based and related to the student’s academic skills or interests, designed in collaboration with the internship site, for the benefit of the community or organization. In the application questions, the student must focus upon the project-based nature of the work. Not all academic internships or clinical experiences are project-based. Students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing and enrolled as part-time or full-time in the quarter in which the internship takes place.

Please note, the faculty name and email being provided is NOT for a reference letter. This should be the person in charge of the academic portion of your internship. This faculty (or staff in MSW) member will be asked about assessment goals and grading. They must be associated with DePaul. Some units have advisers that handle this, some have chairs/directors, some have faculty/staff point people and some allow faculty at-large to sponsor these academic endeavors. If you are uncertain, please speak with your department chair/director. Failure to obtain the correct point person may result in the dismissal of the application.

Financial need is not a requirement for this award.

Further information on eligibility and requirements are found at *By submitting an application for this award, you certify that you have read the information in its entirety and understand the guidelines. *

If the student fails to complete the internship in a satisfactory manner as outlined by the department, the award will be rescinded and the student will owe the university that amount. For this reason, students must be certain they understand the requirements of the internship prior to accepting the scholarship.

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. You are required to read the description of project-based learning and eligible projects here ( before you begin your application. Have you done so?
  2. Did you upload your unofficial transcript in your General Application?
  3. Are you receiving a scholarship for this internship already?
  4. Have you had an internship (with this organization or another organization) prior to now?
  5. Please upload a current resume. For help, please reference the DePaul Career Center
  6. Describe your host organizations (or intended host) and its mission.
  7. Describe the project(s) that you will undertake during your internship. Be specific as to what you will contribute or be responsible for, and clearly outline the deliverable or expected outcome of the project. Internships without clearly defined projects will not be funded.
  8. How does this internship relate to your academic interests, and what do you hope to learn that will enhance your education?
  9. How might this internship impact your plans for the future, including your career or vocational goals?
  10. We require that the CBPL internships are done remotely. Is your internship remote at this time?
  11. Please provide the name of the DEPAUL faculty member, internship coordinator or academic sponsor who is familiar with this internship and your academic goals. This should be the person overseeing the placement and assessment of the internship. If this is for a class, it is usually the faculty member teaching the class, but in some units that is not the case. If this is not for a class, this will be the person at DePaul that can certify the academic nature of this internship. This is NOT a recommendation letter. It is a certification of internship information.
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