BIG EAST Career Consortium Professional Development Award Application

The intention of the BIG EAST Career Consortium Professional Development Award is to recognize, promote, and aid the career and professional development efforts and needs of students. This award is based on the selection committee’s evaluation of the significance and impact of an applicant’s personal development during their collegiate career. The BIG EAST Career Consortium strives to elevate and enhance the work of the career services organizations of the BIG EAST schools and provide unparalleled opportunities and connections to our students, alumni, and employer partners.

To be eligible for a BIG EAST Career Consortium Professional Development Award, you must be a currently enrolled undergraduate student in good standing here at DePaul University. You must also answer all associated application questions and provide a current resume.

The application deadline for this application is March 4, 2021.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please attach an updated resume to this email to accompany your award application. In the space below, referencing activities (clubs and organizations) and experiences (internships, volunteering, service, study abroad, etc.) found on your resume, please explain how this involvement has aided your professional and career development during your collegiate years to help you progress toward your career goals. Additionally, please describe and explain what career services or resources you have used through the DePaul Career Center.
  2. How would receiving this award help you with your career-related goal(s)? For example, would this award assist you financially with career exploration, attending a professional conference or career networking event, help fund an unpaid internship or volunteer experience, cover graduate school entrance exam or prep course fees, allow you to purchase professional dress attire, or other professional development-related goals? Please be as specific as possible in describing your career goals (provide links if applicable) as well as how this would help, keeping in mind that the award is for up to $1,000.
  3. Please describe how this award will assist you in accomplishing any professional or career-related goals or ease any financial burden? For example, what other forms of financial aid are you currently receiving and what forms of financial aid will this award supplement?