College of LAS Undergraduate Research Fund

Applicants must read the Student Guidelines before completing an URF application: By applying you certify that you understand the guidelines.

*University travel remains restricted at present by COVID-19 mitigation measures. For the time being, URF funds therefore will not be granted for support of student travel for any purpose. However, reimbursement is available to offset the cost of virtual conference registration where one is presenting original research or creative work. (The URF does not provide funding for professional development or networking purposes.) During this restricted period, the URF may also offset fees necessary to access site-specific, digital archives or materials that do not involve travel and otherwise conform to URF guidelines. *

*Students may apply for reimbursement of virtual conference registration costs before submitting to or being accepted by a particular conference. This pre-approval process allows a student to determine if the conference would be affordable with or without URF Funding. Please note that payment/reimbursement will not occur until the expenses are incurred (see guidelines). *

The guidelines below address typical circumstances. As students prepare an application and speak or correspond with their faculty sponsor, the current restrictions above must be understood to modify the guidelines. Graduate students with questions about their eligibility or application for URF support during COVID-19 restrictions are encouraged to contact Erica Godfrey in the LAS dean’s office.

The Undergraduate Research Fund (URF) Program was created to support DePaul undergraduate students by reimbursing the expenses incurred for participation in scholarly meetings to which they have been invited to share their research or creative work. The URF provides funding for registration, travel and accommodation only.

The URF is available to students whose primary major is in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. Applicants must also be:

  • Full-time students in good academic standing with an overall GPA of 3.00 or higher
  • Sole or main authors and are identified as presenters in the conference program or in a letter of acceptance from the conference organizers (proof of acceptance is required as part of the application).
  • Students may receive more than one award per year, but preference is given to applicants applying for the first time within the academic year.
  • Previous awardees are eligible to reapply in subsequent years.

URF as a Singular Source of Funding
In rare cases, students apply to multiple sources of funding for the same trip. This includes funding sources (department or career center awards, grants, fellowships, etc.) that are internal
and external to DePaul. This practice is allowed, but the URF requires that you disclose this information in your application. Acceptance of a URF award shall be understood as confirmation
that the applicant has not already received full funding for the same request from another source.

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you read all guidelines found here:
  2. Upload of official transcript.
  3. Academic conference at which you are presenting?
  4. Date(s) of event, including travel dates?
  5. Current Project Title?
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