Rev. Laurence Coyne Prendergast Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Awarded, along with a medal, to an undergraduate student that writes the best essay on Catholicism as determined by the committee within Catholic Studies. The essay should be substantive and academic in nature.

The Department of Catholic Studies invites DePaul undergraduates of any major to submit substantive
essays on Catholic topics, either written the competition or for courses taken between October 15,
2018 and October 15,2019. The best papers will demonstrate an accurate and insightful
understanding of Catholic Tradition and/or experience on specific topics.

The second and third place winner’s information will be provided to the Chair of the Department for an invitation to present at the Spring conference and submitting an essay for review is certification from the student that this is an allowable transfer of information.

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit an essay on Catholicism. The writing for the Prendergast scholarship is open to any essay on Catholicism broadly construed.