Driehaus Center for Behavioral Finance Scholarship

This merit award is for sophomore, junior and senior students in the Driehaus College of Business who demonstrate an interest in Behavioral Finance. Preference will be given to students majoring in Finance.


  • Pursuing a Finance major as a full-time DePaul undergraduate
  • Hold a minimum cumulative DePaul GPA of 3.0
  • Complete a short essay on behavioral finance

Driehaus College of Business - Department of Finance
Supplemental Questions
  1. Within the Driehaus Center for Behavioral Finance Body of Knowledge (search DePaul.edu for both of these terms at the same time: "Behavioral Finance" and "Body of Knowledge") there are over 30 terms categorized into these areas: 1) cognitive biases, 2) emotional biases, 3) effects, 4) aversions and 5) other key terms. In 500-1,000 words, discuss one to three of the terms above. For each term try to include a discussion about 1) how the problem becomes known or visible (manifestation), 2) why it can hurt investing or financial decisions, and 3) solutions to minimize its impact. The essay must cite relevant academic sources (use Google Scholar to search for papers on the term(s) you select) in the APA format (which is displayed within Google Scholar) and include a bibliography (should be excluded for the word count requirement)