Dollar Hand - Future of Finance Scholarship

Dollar Hand is proud to offer the Future of Finance Scholarship Award to both current and future college students. Whilst this may be of particular interest to those majoring in Business, Finance, Accounting, Maths, Economics, Management and Technology, we believe the award is highly relevant to everyone and therefore accepts students from all departments.

Finance is at the forefront of everyday life and so we are keen to raise awareness and get students thinking about the economic future. Our scholarship therefore gives students the chance to connect with the outside world and to look at the bigger picture, which we believe is the best preparation for their future decisions.

We are passionate about sparking awareness in students and look to empower and commend students interested in financial forecasting. Applicants will be judged based on the submission of a 1000 word essay, with the opportunity to be awarded $2000 towards their education. The scholarship funds will be sent directly to the college or university that the winner attends or is planning to attend as a contribution towards their tuition fees.

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