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As longstanding allies with shared democratic values, Australia and the United States of America have a similar outlook and desire to be a force for positive change in the world. Nowhere is this more evident than in the need for both countries to adopt electric vehicles to reduce emissions and combat climate change.

As we embrace the challenge of a generation and face up to the need to transition to a carbon-neutral transport systems, we ask the question of how the two countries, with similar land areas, though very different population sizes, can move away from internal combustion engine vehicles and towards electric alternatives.

While parts of the US are leading the charge, it can be argued that Australia needs to be doing more. What can Australia learn from the United States in terms of electric vehicle policy, infrastructure and technology to make the leap and get ahead of the EV curve?

*This scholarship is exclusive to students enrolled in a college or university degree in the United States of America, studying domestically in the United States, or on an approved exchange at a foreign university. Australian students are encouraged to instead apply for our domestic academic scholarship.

o be eligible for the prize, candidates will write a 400 to 500-word essay on the selected topic. Applications are open to the following groups:

Students who have completed one year (100 units) of their undergraduate or master’s degree majoring in commerce, banking, marketing, finance, accounting, actuarial studies, economics, business studies, engineering, science, medicine, education, international studies, law, architecture and design.
American students residing in the USA or studying as an international student in Australia, part-time or full-time at university.
Selection Criteria
A panel of financial professionals from Savvy will judge submitted essays based on demonstration of excellence in:

Knowledge of the automotive industry and the role of electric vehicles within it
Knowledge of climate change and the impact of petrol/gasoline and electric vehicles
Critical and business thinking
Trend analysis
Clear, lucid and persuasive communication
Creativity and overall presentation
The essay deemed most outstanding will be declared the winner of the 2023 Savvy Scholarship.

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