College of Education Graduate Assistant Application - Doctoral Program

Graduate assistantships (GA) are fully in-person, on-campus opportunities for qualified students (Master’s and Doctoral) to work closely with CoE faculty, staff, and students to support on-going research efforts, operations of the college, to engage in on-going conversations regarding educational issues and research with faculty, staff, and other student colleagues, and assist with other duties as assigned by their hiring unit.

You must apply separately to each department/program you are interested in working with. Graduate Assistant applicants are interviewed and appointed directly by each individual hiring area in the College of Education. Applicants are typically contacted for follow up mid May-mid June. Official offers extended in August.

Please note that CoE GA spots can be for full-time or part-time positions.
Typical full-time hours requirements are 15.75 hours/week Fall through Spring quarters, including student/course break periods when university offices are still open.
Typical part-time hours requirements are 7.75 hours/week Fall through Spring quarters, including student/course break periods when university offices are still open.

If you wish to know more about this position including quarterly hour requirements and remuneration, please communicate with the application contact for this posting as listed on the CoE website:

The CoE Doctoral Program GA would work outside 9a-5p hours occasionally for Doctoral Program specific events (ie: End of Year Celebration, Future Brown Bags, etc), or CoE specific events (Quarterly Education Issues Forums) in an administrative support capacity.

If you have general inquiries, not department or program specific, please contact: Nicole Nudo at
If you have Doctoral Program specific questions, please contact Michael Boland at

Supplemental Questions
  1. What courses have you taken that can make you an asset as a graduate assistant? (Please list course titles, date or quarter/semester taken, final grade and institution)
  2. Please list any computer experience you have, e.g. PC/MAC, software, hardware, networking, etc.
  3. What work experience, internships, etc., do you have that would make you an asset as a graduate assistant?
  4. General Research Projects
    • If you have ever worked on a research project(s), list the title(s), briefly explain the nature of the project(s) and what you were responsible for toward its completion.
    • Project #2
    • Project #3
    • Project #4
    • Project #5
    • Project #6
  5. Briefly describe your professional plans for the future and what you hope to gain by being a graduate assistant.
  6. Give a candid evaluation of yourself as a person; include those characteristics that you feel are your strengths and those that you feel are your challenges.
  7. What experience do you have with building community and/or planning community events?
  8. Submit your current resume.
  9. If there is anything that does not appear on your resume but you feel is relevant, please add it here.
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