Warren and Jennifer Schultz Endowed Study Abroad Fund

For Academic Year 2023-2024

Please note that this application is for qualified applicants enrolled in a DePaul-sponsored study abroad program.

Applications are due February 1 for Summer programs and May 1 for December programs. Awards are $1,000+ each and can be applied to any DePaul-sponsored study abroad program in that term.

This endowed scholarship provides recognition and financial assistance to students enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences who are majoring in History, are in good academic standing, have financial need and are participating in a DePaul-sponsored study abroad program. The Donors’ intent is for this fund to be used to offset study abroad program fees.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Explain how this program and its coursework will impact your personal and/or academic goals. Be as specific as possible. You can use the exact same text you used on your study abroad program application (about 250 words).
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