Chaddick Scholars Scholarship Program

Chaddick Scholar scholarships are awarded to students accepted into the Chaddick Scholars Program and complete the requirements by May 25, 2024.
To be accepted into the Program, students must:

1) Have a strong record of involvement in Chaddick events, study trips, and learning opportunities prior to submitting their application. They are expected to have voluntarily attended at least four Institute events in the six months leading up to their application to be considered for the Program. If they attended a day-long study trip, such as the 2022 Milwaukee Study Trip, they are typically expected to have attended at least two other events in their entirety.
2) be a graduate student within the College of LAS at DePaul University and be in good academic standing.
Admission is competitive. Students who do not meet the criteria are welcome to reapply the following year. To receive the scholarship, students accepted into the Program must complete these activities by May 31, 2023:
3) Attend two Chaddick Institute professional events, which are typically are either 60 or 90 minutes long.
4) Attend one professional event on urban planning by an external organization approved by the Institute leadership.
5) Attend Chaddick Institute study trip held in May 2024, which will likely be a half-day outing.
6) Provide a research presentation about the research you have conducted in a DePaul class.
7) Take part in two after-work networking events involving discussions with area leaders or field visits.
8) Volunteer for four hours for the institute.

Those accepted to the Chaddick Scholars program and who complete the requirements receive a scholarship in June 2023 (minimum amount $500, in some instances larger based on other factors)

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, School of Public Service
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit a 250-word statement of explaining your interest in metropolitan development and your level of participation in Chaddick Institute events and programs to expand your understanding of metropolitan development. If you would like assistance in identifying past events, email