Graduate Assistant Application - Department of Finance and Real Estate

The Graduate Assistant Application for the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business Department of Finance and Real Estate.

Driehaus College of Business - Department of Finance
Supplemental Questions
  1. What finance courses have you taken that can make you an asset as a graduate assistant? (Please list course titles, date or quarter/semester taken, final grade and institution)
  2. Please upload your most current unofficial DePaul University transcript.
  3. What finance work experience, internships, etc., do you have that would make you an asset as a graduate assistant?
  4. Please list any computer experience you have, e.g., PC/Macs, software, hardware, networking, etc.
  5. General Research Projects
    • If you have ever worked on a research project(s), list the title(s), briefly explain the nature of the project(s) and what you were responsible for toward its completion.
    • Project #2
    • Project #3
    • Project #4
    • Project #5
    • Project #6
  6. Please upload a one page resume summarizing your employment record, leadership activities, and other information pertinent to the application.
  7. Briefly describe your professional plans for the future and what you hope to gain by being a graduate assistant.
  8. Give a candid evaluation of yourself as a person; include those characteristics that you feel are your strength and those that feel are your weaknesses.
  9. (OPTIONAL) If you have a faculty member or other appropriate reference that you would like to request a letter of recommendation from, please provide their name and contact info here. The reference will be sent instructions to go to this website to attach their recommendation to your file.
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