Modern Language Graduate Education Award

This award will service graduate students within the Department of Modern Languages. The award will support students attending a professional conference, completing project research for a capstone course, or studying abroad in pursuit of their educational endeavors. The applicant must have completed 24 quarter credit hours towards their MA, be in good academic standing within the program, and submit a completed proposal via the DePaul online scholarship application website.

The MOL Graduate Education Award will be given via reimbursement for travel expenses. However, if there are extenuating or financial circumstances that prevent a reimbursement, other arrangements can be made. The department will provide further explanation of the process upon selection.

Please view/download Modern Languages MA Award guidelines for proposal and budget narrative guidelines. Any omitted information that is required by the guidelines may be grounds for disqualification.

Selection Process:

A committee of three faculty from the Department of Modern Languages will review all proposals, applying the criteria listed below, and recommend awards by 15 February.

  1. Is the proposal clear and coherent, avoiding jargon and unexplained references?
  2. Does it explain persuasively that the contribution of the proposed use to the applicant’s success in the MA program?
  3. Does it describe clear and appropriate outcomes that are expected, as well as a reasonable timetable?
  4. Is the proposed budget clear, complete, well explained and well documented?

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Upload your latest unofficial transcript here (required):
  2. Please upload a proposal that is no more than 1000 words. Also include your budget and budget narrative. Please refer to the proposal guidelines for format.