Public School Internship Program School-Community Organizer Application


  • Must be available during the school day hours 8 am- 5:30 pm at least twice a week
    Mandatory meetings and Professional Developments are Wednesdays 10:00 am- 12 pm & Friday 10 am- 12 pm

The Egan Office of Urban Education and Community Partnerships (UECP) works in partnership with communities to address critical social issues, promote social justice and transform the structures of inequity in our society. We seek to understand and work with our community partners using an asset-based community development approach which recognizes and builds on a community’s history and strengths. In doing so, we hope to strengthen DePaul University’s connections to Chicago and to advance DePaul’s faculty and student engagement with public agencies, community-based organizations and schools.​

The School Community Organizer has three primary roles: (1) serve as liaison connecting our school partners with University and community resources; (2) support work and learning of a team of DePaul students who work within the schools; and (3) assist in planning, monitoring and implementing various program components and projects.


I. Partnership Facilitation: In collaboration with school and community partners.
a. Develop and maintain strong relationships with principals, teachers, students, parents and school staff
b. Ensure that community and school constituents are driving community-building efforts by setting their own goals and priorities and directing the processes involved.
c. Implement asset-mapping strategies and develop historical and contemporary research in order to better understand the unique assets and needs of your assigned school and community.
d. Other duties as needed or assigned.

II. Support for Team of Tutor-Mentors:
a. Serve as the on-site supervisor for tutor-mentors and reinforce high levels of professionalism and excellence in tutoring and mentoring through coaching, team meetings and trainings.
b. Plan and facilitate weekly team meetings of PSI tutor-mentors for the purposes of community-building, knowledge and resource sharing, and mutual support.
c. Other duties as needed or assigned.

III. Program Planning and Development:
a. Communicate Effectively with UECP directors and staff, and share program updates on progress, successes and challenges in your work.
b. Participate in UECP team efforts to facilitate community-building, knowledge and resource sharing, and mutual support.
c. Contribute to ongoing program planning, assessment and development including strategic planning.
d. Serve on special committees or task forces to accomplish short terms goals, initiate new projects and other needs.
e. Other duties as needed or assigned.

a. Must be eligible for Financial Aid. Please contact DePaul Central to make sure you are eligible.
b. Must be Graduate student with graduate level work in education and/or social justice related field strongly preferred.
c. Must be able to work well both independently and as a team member.
d. Current driver’s license and willingness to drive a personal vehicle and/or a University van preferred.
e. Must be willing to use public transportation as necessary.
f. Flexible work schedule preferred

If you have any questions about the offer or position, Contact Sol Logsdon at email:

Steans Center - Public School Internships
Supplemental Questions
  1. How did you hear about Public School Internships (PSI)?
  2. Why do you want to join PSI at DePaul, and how will PSI contribute to your learning and development as a student at DePaul University and to your future professional goals?
  3. Do you have experience with tutoring, literacy, community-building, program development or child development?
  4. Do you have a current driver’s license and willingness to drive a personal vehicle and/or a University van?
  5. Are you comfortable using the CTA public transportation system in Chicago to navigate the entire city?
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