Graduate Assistant Application - DCB School of Marketing

Graduate level students who have been admitted to Kellstadt School of Business may apply for an assistantship in the Department of Marketing.

Supplemental Questions
  1. What marketing courses have you taken that can make you an asset as a graduate assistant? (Please list course titles, date or quarter/semester taken, final grade and institution)
  2. Please list any computer experience you have, e.g., PC/Macs, software, hardware, networking, etc.
  3. What marketing work experience, internships, etc., do you have that would make you an asset as a graduate assistant?
  4. Research Projects
    • If you have ever worked on a marketing research project(s), i.e. consumer behavior, health care sales and leadership in customer relationships. List the title(s), briefly explain the nature of the project(s) and what you were responsible for toward its completion.
    • Include a copy, if desired.
  5. Briefly describe your professional plans for the future and what you hope to gain by being a graduate assistant.
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